What is Programmatic Advertising

what is programmatic advertising

Programmatic ad buying has changed the face of online advertising, but there’s still confusion around what it actually is. Here’s a primer, in plain English:

What is programmatic ad buying?
“Programmatic” ad buying typically refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising, as opposed to the traditional process that involves RFPs, human negotiations and manual insertion orders. It’s using machines to buy ads, basically.

Why does programmatic advertising matter?
Efficiency. Before programmatic ad buying, digital ads were bought and sold by human ad buyers and salespeople, who can be expensive and unreliable. Programmatic advertising technology promises to make the ad buying system more efficient, and therefore cheaper, by removing humans from the process wherever possible. Humans get sick, need to sleep and come to work hungover. Machines do not.

So robots are replacing people? Great.
Yes and no. Technology is being used to replace some of the more menial tasks that humans have historically had to handle, like sending insertion orders to publishers and dealing with ad tags, but they’re still required to optimize campaigns and to plan strategies. Programmatic technology will probably mean there are fewer ad buyers in the world, but it could also allow both marketers and sellers to spend more of their time planning sophisticated, customized campaigns instead of getting bogged down in bureaucracy.

Is programmatic buying is the same as real-time bidding, then?
No, it’s not. Real-time bidding is a type of programmatic ad buying, but it isn’t the only one. RTB refers to the purchase of ads through real-time auctions, but programmatic software also allows advertisers to buy guaranteed ad impressions in advance from specific publisher sites. This method of buying is often referred to as “programmatic direct.”

Is programmatic “the future of ad buying”?
Probably, yes. It’s impossible to tell what portion of advertising is now traded programatically, but it’s definitely on the rise. Some agencies now say they’re eager to buy as much media as possible through programmatic channels, and some major brands have even built out in-house teams to handle their programmatic ad buying as they spend more of their marketing budgets that way. At the moment, it’s mainly online ads that are traded programatically, but increasingly media companies and agencies are exploring ways to sell “traditional” media this way, including TV spots and out-of-home ads.

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Want Transparency in Programmatic Advertising

programmatic advertising transparency

When you are thinking about targeting the right audience, Only media that offers this services to the advertisers is Programmatic media through efficient modes of transaction and that also real time. That’s why nearly 80% of Worlds display advertising spend is projected to be served programmatically, and is expected to reach nearly $33 million by the end of 2017 (ad week).

Saying that the more dollars that shift to the ecosystem of programmatic, more eyes are on the challenges that will exist.

The open auction of programmatic advertising or you may call id Adwords, CPC , PPC. It is a complex space when it comes to managing fraud, viewability, and brand safety. 100% transparency is required to understand where every dollar in an advertiser’s budget is going. To date, transparency has stopped at the supply side for advertisers, leaving questions as to where our media is running and where the spends your money are really going. However, there’s a new SSP that is said to offer the transparency, brand safety, and guarantees that have been missing in Programmatic to date.

Advertisers are faced with constant change. New technology, growing channels, and shifting customer data make ad buying increasingly complicated. The problem is that ad technology has been a black box for years, forcing marketers to spend money without knowing what they’re getting in return. Your ad buying technology shouldn’t be keeping any secrets.

All the benefits without all the mystery.

Transparency in your automated ad buying is critical. By seeing exactly what you’re getting, you can easily adjust your strategy. As a marketer, you need the ability to place ads efficiently without being left in the dark. And with detailed visual reporting on all your ad spending, you maintain control. Transparency turns programmatic ad buying into a tool to simplify your life.


Ima T&C

Sorry you got this wrong, it is not terms and condition. It is Trust & Client. There is lot happening in ad tech world and every one is excited about it while all these things are happening, a old player is reinventing its wheels in the supply side. But, Ima T&C has a unique differentiator—they only charge for 100% viewable and 100% human traffic. They also offer transparency into all fees paid along the supply chain, including the fee that they take off the top of the media.

Is 100% too good to be true?

Ima T&C offers an industry-changing programmatic advertising services designed to match high-quality brands to premium content publishers with engaged audiences.

What is Programmatic Advertising ? Read More

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Ima-appweb: Digital Marketing Agency & Social Media Marketing Agency in delhi

digital marketting

Constantly pushing to improve your own website & digital marketing efforts? Never satisfied with the status digital marketing agency? Then we’ll get along just fine. We love to work with people who are always learning and innovating in everything they do and who choose to do what’s right—no matter what the scenario may be.

We’re quantumly emerging digital marketing agency in india. Our experience is your expertise. Let’s build your brand, organically. Let us adopt your digital marketing efforts. We pride ourselves on outcaring the competition, while building meaningful connections on and off the web.




We deliver integrated content strategy, SEO, PPC, digital PR, and robust analytics solutions that make our clients’ creative and data-driven digital marketing efforts smarter, more agile, and more effective.


End-to-end strategic direction. Research driven, results oriented. Identify the opportunities,  keyword research, grow the business. Comprehensive guidance, tailored to meet your unique objectives. An established practice with a modern approach. Get your message out.

Stop guessing. Get data-backed insights to validate your decisions. Data-Driven  Digital Marketing  Strategy and Execution






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Online Lead Or Query Generation Through Your Website


Is your website driving leads for your business? Real leads that you or your sales team can close?

Most Hotels, Resorts & Travel Agent as well as companies are struggling with the strategy of online lead generation through their website. They’re unsure where to begin, or how to begin. But like all companies, they know they need leads — better leads, and more of them.

According to a recent survey of B2B marketers: “The #1 challenge for B2B companies is generating high quality leads.” Read More About How to Generate Leads Online By Better Understanding Your Website’s Potential

I guess you have read about generating leads online, the link mentioned just above, so that you can have clear idea, what i am talking about.

The #1 Strategy that hotel owners should use, is to get a lead generation agency with strength of website designing and development. Read about such agency ( ima-appweb.com)

Let us adopt your online marketing and sales effort.

So Now the question arises ?

What are Finances Involved…

There are 2 options

  1. Retainer ship : Interested in this Click Here
  2. Non Retainership ( Commission Basis per booking) : Interested in this Click Here

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7 digital marketing tips to generate more online sales and be different (#hotel #marketing)

2013 is looking like yet another exciting year for the travel industry. Expedia and Priceline have been pushing to place themselves as pivotal for all travel-related decisions. So, the question is, what can hotels do to leverage this shifting market?

Some in the industry are sending strong signals of change. A significant number of the top international hotel chains created Roomkey in 2012, a new distribution portal, to compete with the OTAs. Several Scandinavian operators have recently suspended their contracts with Expedia, reacting to issues regarding their ability to offer the best prices themselves. The Air Transport Association announced that they would start offering customizable tickets, but only on their own websites.

All of these moves seem to be a departure from standardized mass-distribution product where price is king, to distribution control and product customization, where value and net margin contribution are the key factors.

Changing strategies

First Hotels, Nordic Choice, Scandic Hotels and Thon Hotels suspended their contracts with Expedia in order to be able to offer lower-cost products on their own websites.

As we see it, this is a move towards maximizing direct bookings, while pressuring the OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) for better distribution terms. And apparently they were able to suspend their contract with Expedia without any major damage, because they had already established multiple channels for their reservations.

The Air Transport Association is making strides towards greater differentiation. The ATA recently announced that it would be experimenting with customizable tickets and fees, but only for passengers who book directly on the airlines’ websites. The ATA announcement is very interesting as it highlights the importance for hotels to differentiate themselves beyond price, and focus on ancillary services.

By allowing customers to select through the aforementioned customizations, even if they are not offering the lowest price in the industry, they are differentiating themselves from everyone else in the customer’s eyes.

Roomkey, on the other hand, is the creation of a new distribution push under direct hotel members’ control. The goal seems to be to assure a greater control of their distribution channels and associated margins.

But, if the goal is not to replace the OTAs, why not have the focus on their individual websites and reservation engines? Why take on the collective creation of roomkey.com? It could very well be that the hotels involved chose to create this new collective entity to push products and customization options that they will not offer OTAs.

It seems that all the entities above have recognized that placing themselves in the market without any distinct traits or services has helped commoditize them, and pushing advantage to huge inventory consolidators like the OTAs. Recognizing this commoditization, they took the necessary steps towards differentiating their products. In the long run, being stuck with only price as the decision factor is prejudicial for all parties involved, as it will drive dwindling margins.

Being able to differentiate your product is essential. If hotels are forced to compete solely on price, it will be a race for the bottom of the barrel.

What can hoteliers take away?

Observing the strategies above and the events that precipitated their implementation can give hoteliers a great deal to take away. Even just a glance over all of the events is enough to see how hotels need to diversify their digital marketing strategy and truly become multi-channel.

Furthermore, hoteliers’ digital marketing strategy needs to include differentiation of their product. But the examples above had a great deal of negotiating power, which eased their multi-channel marketing and product differentiation.

It’s important to work out how independent hotels and boutique brands can achieve both of these goals, without incurring prohibitive costs. Some effective steps that hoteliers can take to differentiate their hotel, all the while improving their multi-channel digital marketing strategy are:

  1. Invest in specialized channels: Make sure that your hotel is present in the distribution channels most relevant to your market segment. For instance, if you have a boutique hotel, try to get listed on tablethotels.com.
  2. Showcase your hotel online: Make sure you have an up-to-date website that reflects your hotel’s unique features and characteristics, so as to give customers a perception of what your hotel is all about. This is something OTAs won’t be able to do as they are set out for comparison-shopping.
  3. Customize the experience: Provide additional options for customers booking. Create partnerships with local attractions, tours, restaurants,… and offer them as add-ons after the customer has booked with you.
  4. Differentiate on booking packages: Innovate with room types as product offers. Leverage your own booking engine to offer promotions and special offers that you should not offer on the OTAs (e. g. an iPod room where you have a fully charged iPod with music in the room or a package with a day at a nearby spa).
  5. Reward loyalty: Reward returning guests that book directly through your website. This can be easily achieved by offering e.g. 10% discount code for any returning customer, still much less than the commission you pay to OTAs.
  6. Market directly to customers: Gather your guests’ information and ask them to opt-in for promotions and special offers so that you can reach out directly. .
  7. Leverage social media: Have a presence in the most popular social platforms. It isn’t just a way to increase your online presence; it is also the addition of new communication channels. With social media you have a platform where you can communicate with customers on a more informal level and take advantage of your small size in order to transmit a friendlier feel to your guests.



As hoteliers take steps towards an improved digital marketing strategy, some common traits stand out: control, customization, differentiation.  This shouldn’t be something that only big hotel chains can pursue, as with the right tools and strategy even small independent hotels can make sure that customers differentiate their hotel from everyone else’s.

Note: This article also appeared in  GuestCentric‘s

About the writer:
The writer of this blog is saurabh shankar singh follow him on twitter @mascotorion for more insights on creating a company which creates profit and generates more revenue.
Learn more about him at Linkedin


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How we got featured in slideshare.net within 20 min ?


Slideshare is one of the best content marketing site with help of presentations. One can create presentation in the form of ppt as well as pdf. It supports various other file formats too.

The BASIC of slideshare is “Keep it simple”. Create content that engages with user.

slide share hot on facebook ima appweb

The content was all about How to regain control of Website redesign costs which is nowadays getting out of hand ?

You being a business owner, CEO, CFO, Entrepreneur. Whosoever you are, this content is going to rock your mind.

you can view the presentation here at slide share http://www.slideshare.net/mascotorionSaurabh/how-to-regain-control-of-website-redesign-costs-getting-out-of-hand


Note: ima appweb (www.ima-appweb.com) is an agency which focuses on creating content, engaging with customers, prospects. we create communication for the companies.

What is corporate communication ? A corporate communication is a way to standardize and unify all communication between company and audience, whether in print or online. Scenarios that includes human-computer interactions take place through software and hardware user interfaces that are also branded and designed with the corporate culture in mind. (Examples of user scenarios: update the Web site, transfer funds, document procedures, control security, operate machinery, plan projects, conduct virtual meetings, check inventory, fill an order, or ship a product.)

These interactions are increasingly taking place through Web sites, through mobile devices and at dedicated terminals, and may include sound, video, animation and user feedback mechanisms. A savvy designer will create designs that can be adapted to all of these applications.

We are into communication design, customized apps and software development to help corporate achieve speed in their growth, we do digital marketing as well as inbound marketing for our clients.


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create website in html

If you want your website to appear in search engines, do not use Flash. Flash pages don’t get indexed properly by search engines due to the fact that search bots simply can’t read Flash content. As far as the search engines are concerned, you might as well have a website that consists of a title, some meta tags, and no other content. It doesn’t matter how pretty your website is or how fluid the animations are if no one will ever find it.

Nowadays, Flash can even hurt your search rankings. Many search engines have begun blacklisting websites that have meta data unrelated to the website’s actual content, because such websites are regarded as being deceptive in their attempts to gain web traffic. As far as the search engines are concerned, Flash websites have keywords, but no content, which commonly results in blacklisting due to the perceived discrepancy.

Reason #2: Limited Mobile Viewing
As the iPhone, Blackberry, and other smartphones have skyrocketed in popularity and usage, more and more websites are being accessed on the go from mobile web browsers. But guess what? Most mobile web browsers have no Flash support, so they can’t display Flash websites at all. Those that can (in theory) are still limited by the memory and processing power of the mobile device and will often choke on Flash websites because of their increased bandwidth and CPU demands. ( More on bandwidth and CPU demands in Reason #10 below. )

Reason #3: No Linking or Bookmarking
Every page of a Flash website has the exact same web address, or URL. In other words, no matter which page you’re viewing on a Flash website, the URL is exactly the same. On normal websites, you can bookmark and link directly to specific pages using unique URLs. This makes it easy to find your way back or to share these pages with others. Without unique URLs, it’s impossible to bookmark pages, and you’d have to include click-by-click instructions to help someone else find their way to a specific page after sending them a link to your website.

Reason #4: No Back Button
Suppose someone is clicking their way through your website, finds themselves on a page they didn’t mean to click to, and decides they want to go back. This is where the back button comes in on a normal website. On a Flash website, the back button is either disabled altogether, or it will take them to the website they were viewing before yours! Eventually, they’ll have to figure out how to get back another way, such as by reloading the whole website and starting over. This is far from ideal and can seem quite inhospitable to your website visitors.

Reason #5: Poor Design Standards
The bells and whistles that come with Flash almost always result in gratuitous design abuse when it comes to websites. Successful webmasters understand that the Internet is a standards-based system. Navigation goes here, content goes there, a click does this, a drag does that, and so on. It’s a standard user experience that shouldn’t be re-invented on a whim. Most website visitors are annoyed by broken usability standards, and older or less experienced website visitors will often give up and leave. ( More on usability failures in Reason #9 below. )

This isn’t to say that pushing design boundaries is always a bad thing. In fact, it’s the only way innovation can come about. But the ratio of “revolutionizing” design change to “senseless and gratuitous” design change leans far to the latter, and too many webmasters who try to create something unique and edgy only make their websites unusable as a result. Nowhere is this phenomenon more prominent than with Flash websites.

Reason #6: Content Loading…
On a normal website, content is instantly viewable as each page or image downloads to the web browser. On a Flash website, however, the entire website has to download before any part of it is viewable. This is the reason 99% of Flash websites start with a loading screen. Compare this to the old days of web video when you had to wait for the entire video to download before it would start playing. Nowadays, streaming video is the standard, because it allows the video to play instantly while it downloads. Flash is incapable of streaming, however, so Flash websites will always behave like the old, non-streaming videos that no one misses.

Reason #7: Splash and Intro Pages
Splash pages are those annoying intro screens that you often see before clicking “skip intro” or “enter here” to access the real website. Splash pages nearly disappeared a decade ago for their inherent uselessness, but – in a step backwards for web design and usability – many Flash designers have developed a unique dependency on them. Most often, splash pages are used to give visitors a choice between viewing the Flash or non-Flash version of a website. Putting aside the utter pointlessness of having two versions of the same website, this creates an extra and unnecessary hoop for your website visitors to jump through in order to get to your content.

Reason #8: Basic Text Functions Broken
On Flash websites, it’s impossible to make use of basic text functions like copy-and-paste, finding text, or changing text size to improve readability. There’s no right-click menu to facilitate these tasks, and keyboard shorcuts don’t work with Flash. Also, since the text displayed by Flash websites is unreadable by web browsers, visitors who depend on screen readers due to vision impairments might as well be staring at a blank screen.

Reason #9: Poor Usability Standards
While most of these twelve reasons involve the usability failures of Flash websites, this section specifically addresses how Flash designers typically break or ignore standard user interface elements of the Web.

Internet users are accustomed to certain user interface elements, and they don’t want to learn or adapt to anything new just to use your website. Scrollbars and buttons should look and respond in a familiar way. Navigation menus and forms should behave predictably. While most Flash designers will forego such standards for the sake of being different, time-tested usability standards will always offer a better user experience than a custom widget cooked up by a well-meaning Flash designer over the weekend.

Reason #10: Bandwidth and CPU Demands
Flash websites can bring older computers to a crawl, and they can take much longer to load with sub-broadband Internet connections. While this may only affect a small portion of your intended audience, why alienate anyone by denying them a good experience while viewing your website? Remember that if it takes too long to load, or if it runs too slowly on their computers, visitors will often leave your website before they’ve even seen it.

Reason #11: Dependency on 3rd-Party Plugins
Most people forget that Flash is a proprietary technology owned by Adobe. In fact, Flash websites can’t even be displayed without Adobe’s free Flash Player plugin. While it’s generally accepted that over 90% of today’s Internet users already have the necessary plugin, the rest of the population is either excluded or forced to download and install it. This may be a minor issue for most Internet users today, but it bears mentioning nonetheless.

Reason #12: Adobe Doesn’t Even Use It
That’s right! The very company that makes, markets, and distributes Flash doesn’t have a Flash website! Perhaps because they know its limitations, but we’ll let the irony of this fact speak for itself. ( LINK: www.adobe.com )

Needless to say, all IMA-APPWEB websites are non-Flash websites. Through our commitment to standards-based design, unrivaled SEO, and professional usability, IMA-APPWEB provides all of the presentational benefits of a comparable Flash website with none of the damaging drawbacks listed above. No wonder IMA-APPWEB remains the #1 choice among creative professionals worldwide!



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Mobile App Development in India

developing mobile app in india for android, blackberry, iphone, ipad, windows

It’s amazing how efficient a mobile device can be when it comes to accessing information on the internet, web browsing, answering emails and so much more. Mobile devices have become an irreplaceable part of everyday life and business owners can take advantage of this by optimizing their websites for mobile viewing. Mobile presence in the form of websites, applications or web apps prove to be a business boost by making them highly productive. Mobile applications and mobile websites increase customer engagement by generating more traffic through quick and easy access. A mobile presence also enhances greatly the overall user experience thereby creating an impression that makes a difference.

mobile development in india

At imaAppweb Solutions, we understand the importance of mobile presence and how it compliments the customer reach. We have established application development methodologies that ensure a smart and to the point display. By analyzing thoroughly the minutest of requirements, we suggest our clients about what kind of a mobile presence; mobile applications, mobile web apps or mobile websites would serve their purpose best. We are experienced in mobile development for all well known mobile platforms, their native development kits, functionalities, features and other third party development alternatives. Our products are robust in nature, promise the expected user experience and have the strength to withstand the required scale up to match with future anticipations.

Few of our Mobile Development Highlights are:

Our dedicated team of mobile developers work from India on a number of technologies to develop premium websites, web apps and applications for clients, world over.

HTML5 based Mobile Web development

“The future of Web Development”
Based on the feature set exposed by HTML5, it certainly qualifies as one of the best web development technologies for the desktop as well as mobile platform. The key features include: offline support, via the AppCache and Database APIs for storing stuff locally on the device; Canvas and Video to simplify adding graphics and video to a page while ignoring plugins; advanced forms, which can handle tasks like field validation on the mobile browser and the GeoLocation API.

Cross Mobile Development

“Single code base for every every smartphone”
Using frameworks such Appcelerator, PhoneGap, RhoMobile and Adobe Flex we support developing applications which share the same source code but run on different platforms. By minimizing investments and maximizing business, cross platform mobile development proves to be an ideal methodology for customers to have their application supported across all platforms at the same time.

Game Development

Our Team is specialized in developing both 2D and 3D Games for Mobile Platforms. For Game Development on Mobile Platform we use OpenGL, Cocoa2D and Unity3D frameworks. Game Development is one of our core expertise. If you have a Game concept floating in your mind, we invite you to share it and allow us to contribute our experience in your best interest.

Developing Location Based Apps

Nowadays all Mobile Phones are equipped with GPS. Using a GPS radio, you can pinpoint mobile locations on a Map. There are infinite ways in which you can use this location to fit in your workflow. We help our customers use the true potential of GPS receivers and build apps around it.

Tablet Publishing Apps

Ever since Apple introduced the iPad, tablets are becoming the preferred way of reading publications. We help publishers tap this market by providing them with the right solution to digitalize their content for tablets. For content publishers there are two options, native applications and HTML5 web applications. We have expertise in both and help our customers choose the right path.

Enterprise Mobile Application Development

With the handheld gadget getting powerful, more enterprises are adopting mobile devices as part of their workflow. Our mobile development team has years of experience in developing enterprise applications for the mobile platform which exploits the full potential of handheld devices. If your enterprise requirement needs to be customized for the mobile we are here to assist.

We cater to mobile development needs of a range of domains

At imaAppweb Solutions, we have thoroughly traversed the length and breadth of multiple business domains. We have developed mobile apps and websites for the print media industry, e-commerce businesses, entertainment world and many more.
To address customer requirements, we have researched various available mobile development methodologies and developed in-house expertise in each. Broadly speaking, we have worked in the following verticals:

  • Android Development
  • iPad Development
  • iPhone Development
  • Windows Phone Development
  • BlackBerry Development
  • Playbook Development
  • Mobile Sites
  • Adobe Flex Development for Mobile Devices
  • Phone Gap Development
  • Appcelerator Titanium Development
  • Augmented Reality Development
  • Virtual Reality Development

Hire Mobile Application Developers or Consultant Company in India

Our staff in India is comprised of experienced mobile application developers and mobile website engineers. With industry best practices for development as well as business association, we try to convert our first time clients into long term ones.
Dedicated developer model at imaAppweb Solutions Includes:

  • High Quality Work and Committed team
  • Cost Effective offering
  • On Time Delivery
  • Adoption of Best Coding practices
  • Benefit from specialized skills
  • Flexible payment model – Full Time, Part Time or Hourly
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android app development in india

What is Android?

With a strong foundation of linux kernel, continuous support of the open source community and Google, Android is the silver lining in the cloud of the many mobile operating systems. Android operating system is based on Linux, which provides advanced computer processing. Its open source nature makes it easy for the developers to create mobile apps at very affordable prices. Blackberry and iPhone are at opposite ends of spectrum when it comes to the time and price factor. Android Platform is feature rich and comes with a variety of third party tools and libraries. Developing apps for android means adopting best practices and in-depth technical knowledge on Android Development Kit.


Android Offers a Host of Advantages:

  • Android Platform is “open-source”
  • Developer friendly application development environment
  • Nicely equipped emulator to emulate operating system and devices
  • A wide range of third party libraries for Image Processing, Communication, Controls and more
  • SQLite Database for offline storage
  • Support for a wider spectrum of programming languages including Python, Perl and jRuby
  • Low Development Cost and faster time to market

Why Hire Android App Development Services from us?

With wide variety of experience in developing application for Android in all domains, ImaAppweb Solutions has worked-out a very strong Android app development muscle. We have mastered the almost-infinite capabilities of this multitasking cum multithreaded mobile operating system. The Android app development team at MDS can engineer, extend and re-engineer high performance apps with the Android development kit making use of the Java based language and running it in a virtual machine on a custom Linux kernel.
It is a fact that the same Android app behaves differently in different versions of the OS. ImaAppweb lays strict emphasis in refining its Android apps so that they can deliver uniform standardized performance on all the versions of the Android OS. Our Programmers have years of experience in developing custom applications for Android. We have developed several applications for Android Platform catering to various business verticals and utilizing all aspects of the Android Technology such as GeoLocation, Push Notifications, In-App Purchases, SQLlite Database and Accelerometer.

Our Android App Development Experience in The Following Bolsters:

  • Drafting new applications for the Android OS
  • To support Android OS based mobile phones
  • Standardizing existing Android apps to work on all versions of the Android OS
  • Porting iOS apps to Android Platform
  • Game Development for Android Platform
  • Android Web Development
  • eCommerce, Business Applications for Android
  • eLearning Applications for Android
  • Developing Application for Android using HTML5

Hire Android App Developers or Consultant Company in India

Android app developers at ImaAppweb Solutions are highly experienced in their domain. Our Android consultants help our clients clear all their doubts and queries regarding Android application services offered by us. We adhere to best practices and highest industry standards for protection of Intellectual property. We offer in-depth documentation and error reporting. ImaAppweb Solutions aims at sustaining long term business relationships with all its clients. We have established a name for ourselves in Android app development by offering reliable and cost effective web application services. Our clients can hire Android app development services on a full time, part time or hourly basis and enjoy a 24X7 support.

Other Android Solutions

  • Custom Android Apps Development
  • Android Games Development
  • Enterprise Android Applications
  • Android M-commerce Applications
  • Android Social Media Applications
  • Android Widget Development
  • Android Apps Testing / Portability
  • Android Support & Maintenance
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iPad app development in india

ipad app development in india

What is an iPad?

With widescreen multi-touch display, accelerometer, powerful Apple custom-designed processor and a plethora of multifaceted features, iPad is, undoubtedly, the most happening tablet computing gadget in the world. As a perfect hybrid of a laptop and a phone, iPad has proved to be the most successful tablet computing device – a flat, portable, easy-to-use machine that everyone could use for e-mail, reading the Web and performing n number of distinct productive tasks. This is why iPad sales were reported to cross 3 million in just few days of its release. Special attention is needed while developing applications for iPad because of its larger screen and high end graphics. iPad app development entails not only meticulous development but also adherence to stringent guidelines for getting published in the appstore.
Advantages of iPad apps
  • Interactive and dynamic appeal
  • Portability makes apps more easily available
  • Makes reading easy
  • Multitouch so app handling is easier
  • Complicated tasks like making payments become easier
  • More attractive camera related activities like conferencing
technical details of i-pad device and the layers
Why Hire iPad application Development Services from Us?
imaAppweb Solutions is known for providing complete solutions for building, deploying and supporting iPad apps. Because of the fact that all iPhone apps readily execute on iPad, imaAppweb Solution’s existing expertise in developing custom applications for the former gives us a competetitve edge in the development of custom applications for iPad. We have extensive experience in iPad Application development. Apart from drafting of new apps from scratch, our team has been involved in re-engineering existing apps from iPhone to iPad. We come up with concrete ideas and logical steps of execution to create powerful well defined applications for the ipad. Our iPad application developers aim at minimizing gaps by quickly learning about any new functionality that is to be added and implement it without delays.
We Are Experienced In The Following Areas of iPad app development:
  • Drafting new applications for iPad
  • Re-engineering existing apps for iPhone to iPad
  • Experience in Xcode
  • Sound Knowledge of Objective C, C++ and Java
  • Know Apple’s rules for the Appstore publishing
  • Have previously developed apps for a range of businesses like social networking, e-commerce, music, navigation, entertainment and more
ipad app development mockup
Hire iPad application Developers or Consultants in India
Our staff in India comprises of experienced iPad Application Developers and Consultants who are extremely conversant with iPad application development practices and tools. The Developers can be either hired for a short term or long term on a flexible hiring basis to ensure that it matches your needs.
We follow industry best practices for the protection of intellectual property and client privacy. Our consultants leverage our clients to understand our iPad application development service and take decisions at critical times. For any requirement of a iPad application, please write to us. We will be pleased to be associated with you while you enjoy our reliable services. We guarantee attractive, high performance iPad applications that match your needs.
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