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Free Facebook Marketing – Trial for 2 Weeks

 62% of Small Businesses Fail with Facebook Ads. You don’t have to be part of that 62%!

Did you know that three million businesses actively Advertise on Facebook? That’s three million companies from all over the world, with more than 70% from outside of the US on Facebook right now.
That’s right! – It is a massively untapped source of traffic to generate quality leads for your business at a ridiculous discount.

We are currently offering a no-risk, FREE 2-week trial campaign, so you can experience first-hand the power of Facebook ads.

Facebook ads are extremely effective and reasonably priced, and the true power lies in their superior targeting. If you have a clear idea of who your target audience is. Facebook ads are the ideal platform to advertise. This is because you can hone in exactly on this target customer by age, gender, location, interests, shopping behavior, demographics, and much more.

The Process

Step 1: Conversation / KT / Discussion 

We need to know exactly who we’re attempting to reach, what they could be interested in, and how they might react to particular things before we start. It’s improbable that you will have precise solutions, but it’s only to give us a place to start.

1 – Firstly, we will schedule a short 10-15 min phone call to learn more about your business goals.

2- Secondly, we would like you to fill out an onboarding questionnaire which will help us get a better understanding of your target market to craft you the perfect ad/offer here:

Fill the form

Step 2: Sample Ads

You have to like the words we’re using, the ad copy we’re using, and the pictures we’re using. Sometimes odd combinations and weird, out-of-the-box ideas are the most effective, but we’ll never do anything against your wishes.

Step 3:Start running Ads

We will get going as soon as possible, then add more campaigns over the coming days. The idea behind this is to get you used to the traffic/Lead Generation/Awareness/etc., the email/phone calls volume and the level of enquiries. It’s no good us turning the traffic tap on max when you’re struggling to handle the first lot of enquiries.

Step 4: Ongoing Revisions

There’s a concept called “ad blindness”. It happens when you keep seeing the same advertisement, which causes you to tune it out. It might even help you enormously and be exactly what you’re looking for, but your brain ignores it for whatever reason.

For that reason, we keep recycling the ads. The majority of the ad will stay but instead of saying “Get Your Free Report” we might change it to “Free Checklist: Get Yours”. Same idea, just visually looks different.

Over time, we’ll start to notice which types of ads, markets, platforms and targeting is actually producing customers.

You never know this from day one.

Eventually, we can start shutting down the ads that aren’t as effective at producing customers and double down on the ones that are.

Oddly enough, sometimes you can have very well performing ads that just attract tyre-kickers. On paper, it’s great but in reality, they don’t pay. On the other hand, you can have a badly performing ad that actually filters people out, leaving only the very interested people clicking.

An example of this, is called “price filtering”. It’s where you put a price in the ad. Anyone not prepared to spend any money will not bother clicking saving you a click from someone who wasn’t ever going to buy anyway.

Step 5: Going Forward

At the end of your trial campaign, we will review the campaign and send you a report. Should you be happy with the result we deliver, we have a few great options should you wish to go further to build out a full campaign. Otherwise, we would appreciate a nice, honest review or testimonial from you 😊


It will take around 3-4 days to get your first set of ads live.

The Cost

The 2-week free trial campaign is free – we do the market research, setup, create and manage and optimise your ads for free.

All you need to cover is the ad spend which is paid directly to Facebook, not us. We recommend a daily ad spend budget of $10-20 a day (up to $200 + GST in total) which is paid directly to Facebook to see good results.

It’s simple; as we mentioned on the last page; if we don’t do what we say we’re going to do then you don’t pay us.

That’s right…

If we don’t deliver, you don’t pay us!


What’s included in this free 2-week trial campaign?

We will build you a custom landing page, email follow-up template and manage the ads that drive traffic to your website.

Is it really free?

Yes, the 2-week trial campaign is free – we do the market research, setup, create and manage your ads for free. All you need to cover is the ad spend of $10-20 a day (up to $200) which is paid to Facebook, not us.

Will you be offering anything after the free trial?

Yes, we have a few great options should you wish to go further with the marketing campaign. Otherwise, we would appreciate a nice, honest review or testimonial from you🙂

How do Facebook ads work?

Facebook has an incredibly powerful advertising platform for which we can target your exact audience by age, gender, location, interests, online behavior’s, and 100’s of other factors. We help you find your target customers online and bring them to you. We can even target your past customers and retarget your current website visitors (if pixels already installed) to increase your conversions even further.

Can I see samples of your work?

Absolutely, our team will be happy to mock up some design samples for your business so you can see the quality of our work before even beginning your 2-week trial campaign.

Do you work with our competitors?

We only work with 1 business per allocated area to protect the best interest of our clients.


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