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Headless CMS, Headless Ecommerce

Nextjs Development Company

OmniChannel Experience with Headless CMS

Headless CMS Development

Nextjs Development Company

OmniChannel Experience with Headless Ecommerce

Headless Ecommerce Development

New Site Live on NextJs 14, App Router

Travel Headless CMS Based Website and Medical Services Headless CMS + Ecommerce

website built in nextjs 14

Travel Website built in NextJs & Wagtail

Travel Headless CMS + APP


website built in nextjs 14

Medical Tourism Website / WebApp Built in NextJs and Laravel.

Medical Tourism WebApp

marlin medical assistance


An era of greater customer expectations. Adopting headless is good for the brand, future-proofing ongoing strategies

The real benefits of headless commerce

Gartner predicted that, by 2023, organizations that have adopted a composable approach will outpace competition by 80% in the speed of new feature implementation..


Businesses can deliver changes to the frontend quickly and easily. This is also true of the back-end. There is also flexibility to experiment with APIs for different customer journeys to see what fits the best.


Headless can be customised, more so than past architectures. Brands can deliver content and payment options to Alexa devices, smartwatches, in-store kiosk screens.

Faster time-to-market

With legacy architecture it can be difficult to move quickly when front and back-end are intertwined. This is true with scaling solutions as well. With headless commerce, content and product information are located centrally.

True omnichannel experience

Traditional monolithic systems aren’t set up to take advantage of a multitude of channels. Businesses need to be able to join up mobile apps to voice-activated devices, smart refrigerators, AR or VR and in-store touchpoints. Headless commerce can easily facilitate this process.

Greater levels of personalisation

Headless commerce allows brands to use whatever front-end best supports their business goals and customers. This could be PWAs, content management systems, IoT devices. Any front-end changes do not require IT or developers to make changes on the back-end.

Long-term cost-savings

Legacy systems require workarounds, plugins and hacks if a business needs change, since the back-end and front-end are integrated. Short-term costs for headless may be higher but once implemented you can compartmentalise costs. New headless frontend APIs can be more streamlined, rollouts and updates are more efficient.

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