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Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan, Travelport GDS API Integration

Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan, Travelport GDS API Integration helps you to connect to clients and other service providers via various channels.

What is GDS “Global Distribution System”?

GDS is a worldwide “Global Distribution System” computerized reservation network used as a single point of access for considering airline seats, hotel rooms, rental cars, and other travel related items by travel agents, online reservation sites, and large corporations.

The GDS system is one of the most essential tools for the travel industry. Global Distribution System is server-hosted web services that provide deals in the reservation of travel products like Flights worldwide. A GDS system is also considered as search-based system that empowers users to search for travel products from suppliers around the world and therefore the system will yield a result with real-time pricing and availability comparisons.

Features of Global Distribution System  

  • Disclosure of worldwide Inventory of airlines, hotels, cars and buses.
  • Access to both B2B and B2C
  • Purchase favored seat and other services from GDS
  • Enlarge your coverage easily with travel agents and agencies
  • Single window Interface and easy connectivity
  • Targeting all travel agencies
  • Information maintenance is easy with GDS
  • Easy connectivity and content mapper
  • Opening inventory to new distribution channels
  • 24*7*365 access to travel agents and agencies to unified inventory

What are different Global Distribution Systems (GDS)

  • Amadeus
  • Travelport (that owns systems Galileo, Worldspan and Apollo)
  • Sabre

Amadeus GDS

Amadeus GDS is one of the most approved GDS systems today. Global travel management companies are using Amadeus GDS to approach online travel contents including airline, hotels, transfers, sightseeing, cars and other value added services.

ImaAppweb is premier information Travel Technology Company serving travel software services across the globe.

We have an exhaustive range of online travel booking engine exclusive for online travel agencies & travel management companies.

Features of Amadeus GDS:

  • Latest and technically sound automated products globally.
  • Fast seat confirmation facility.
  • Synchronized real-time flight information.
  • Secured customer information with frequent flier status.
  • Cost-effective solution.

Galileo GDS system

Galileo, a Travelport platform, is one of the world’s largest providers of travel content and a technology leader serving travel companies worldwide.

Imaappweb’s Galileo GDS provides global distribution services for the travel industry with advanced computer reservation software, top of the line travel system and web services XMLs.

Why Galileo GDS ?

The travel agents / tour operators can grasp maximum number of buyers or travel partners and travel distributors.

  • Increase in the revenue.
  • Increase in efficiency.
  • Lower operating cost.
  • Increase in productivity.
  • Allows to capture new marketing opportunity.
  • Real time access to inventory

Integration of Galileo GDS API with a Travel Website

  • Galileo being the most sought-after GDS system is responsible for the global distribution services in the travel industry with advanced computer reservation software and other web services.
  • Galileo GDS System hosts the best integrated system for the customers by providing a wide variety of inventory, related to flights, hotels and vacations. Galileo provides bookings of airlines, hotels, and car rentals with options of B2B travel portal and B2C travel portal.
  • The Galileo GDS travel software acts as a bridge between the travel agents and the service providers in a single platform.
  • It provides the travel agents with necessary information about seats, availability and fares.

How does the Galileo XML API Integration help Travel Management Companies?

  • Galileo Travel Software is the apt CRS (Computer Reservation System) owned by us, that fulfils all your needs related to hotels, airlines, car rentals, etc.
  • Our company is the leading provider of the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and combines Galileo GDS API to travel booking websites.
  • We are specialists in Galileo API Integration, Galileo Web Services Development, and many other services, helping your travel company book thousands of airlines and hotel rooms online.

Sabre GDS

The Sabre global distribution system is the world’s largest electronic travel reservation system. Sabre GDS is a Computer Reservation System – CRS also referred to as Global Distribution System – GDS.

Sabre as a CRS/GDS company built its booking platform through which travel & tourism professionals’ access & book travel suppliers inventories for their customers.

What Are the Benefits of Sabre GDS?

For hotels and others in the travel industry, the primary benefit of using the Sabre GDS is the ability to distribute to travel agents on a global level, providing them with 24-hour access to hotel inventories.

As previously stated, a greater percentage of bookings made through the Sabre network are for hotel rooms, when compared to Amadeus.

Worldspan GDS

If you are looking for a provider of travel technology and content and a part of the Travelport GDS business. Worldspan GDS is the best solution for you. It offers worldwide electronic distribution of travel information, Internet products and connectivity, and e-commerce capabilities for travel agencies, travel service providers and corporations.

Benefits of Worldspan GDS system implementation

  • Achieve the aspects of expansion, flexibility and collaboration through technological implementation.
  • The different types of online booking procedures implementing a worldspan GDS software in the travel agency software business helps in reducing the implementation cost.
  • Worldspan airline reservation system helps in increasing the revenue and builds a brand name for the organization.

Travelport GDS

Travelport GDS is one of the ‘big three’ GDS systems, which are used by businesses in the travel industry, including hotels, to distribute inventories to travel agents. Travelport has appropriate the rising demand of the travel industry to redefine the distribution system involving the core elements of airlines and the ancillary products.

Our specialized travel technology solutions meet the diverse travel planning and management needs of travel agencies throughout the world.

Benefits of partnering with Travelport GDS Performance enhancement Travelport Universal API

  • Travelport Mobile Agent
  • Effective communication
  • Growth for the travel management company

The major GDS providers – Sabre, Amadeus, Galileo, Abacus, and Travelport offer you the following significant benefits: –

  • Control on live inventory
  • Easy connectivity
  • Real time pricing
  • Automatic content update
  • Multiple channels for distribution and utilization

B2B and B2C GDS Integration Modules

Using GDS Hotel XML or GDS Airline XML, travel companies can connect their websites to GDS systems to make bookings and check availability.  GDS Travel XML integration can be implemented in a multiple way – B2B and B2C.

B2B helps travel agents to offer and sell the travel inventories through them only, all the bookings can be tracked and sales by individual agents and also the commissions.

In this case, a wide range of service is offered like agents can check the booking status, view reports and invoices, cancel the booking and generate commissions. With the help of B2C Module the travel agents can sell travel products directly to their customers using.

The customer’s use your website or mobile application to make bookings with immediate acceptance through SMS or email.

GDS integration for travel agencies and suppliers of travel products

Travel agencies must have full approach to a Global Distribution System “GDS”. To get connected to a GDS, travel agencies need a contract. This will empower the travel agents to provide an astonishing amount of travel product rates and information to their customers, at the lowest possible rates.

An experienced travel technology company can integrate any GDS to the computer reservation system or website of a travel agency. A GDS allows real-time approach to inventory system of a hotel with the current prices, discounts, room types, facilities like Wi-Fi and different aspects of interest to the potential customer.

What are different GDS Integration solutions?

  • Flights GDS Integration
  • Hotels GDS Integration
  • Car rental GDS integration
  • Bus ticket booking
  • Cruise API Integration
  • Transfer API Integration
  • Sightseeing API Integration

Flights GDS Integration

GDS Flight API Integration is a global computerized booking network which is used as a single point of access for accommodating airplane seats, hotel rooms, car rentals and other travel products for travel agents, online booking websites and major corporations.

The flight API integration has helped the airlines as well as the travel intermediaries to reach out to the customers in real time.  The fully integrated system helps serving the customers in a better way as it provides approach to the same information across all points of sale and service.

Thus it helps in growing your travel business. Our team offers dedicated support with maintenance and with regular updates related to already implemented XML API.

Features of Flight GDS API Integration:

  • Displays Global Hotels, Cars, and Airlines Inventory
  • Both B2B and B2C can be accessed
  • Book the most suited seat and services via GDS
  • Broaden your coverage with travel agencies & agents
  • Single window Interface
  • Quick and easy connectivity
  • Information maintenance becomes simple with GDS
  • Easier connectivity and mapping of content

Hotels GDS Integration

Hotel GDS systems enable the travel agents to access, in real-time, availability, features and prices hotel rooms and other services.

Ima Appweb Solutions provides you with a distribution platform (Booking Engine) which we can customize to your particular requirements, giving you complete freedom of action for all the different Internet sales distribution channels that you might wish to manage, such as Websites, Sales via XML connectivity to your clients, and mobile devices.

What is the importance of Global Distribution Systems for hotels?

Hotel GDS gives instant, real-time access to a hotel’s information. Every major travel and hotel-booking portal connected to the GDS gets access to room inventory and published rates/packages.

Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo and Worldspan networks available with our solution give the right international exposure required to boost a hotel’s international distribution. Besides, the system also widens a hotel’s regional and local presence. With a hotel’s information available within a click, travel agents are equipped to make reservations for hotel owners.

Car rental GDS integration

Car rental GDS systems allow visitors to search for availability of Cars and rent using booking engines.

Seamlessly Connect your users to a car rental software, enabling the following car booking operations:

  • searching for cars by location, travel dates, and driver nationality
  • filtering cars by categories, door, size, or car list
  • selecting insurance options
  • checking price, availability, and credit
  • sending notifications

Bus ticket booking

With the cheapest fare guarantee, experience great value at the lowest price. Instant notifications ensure current bus schedule, instant fare drops, amazing discounts, and instant refunds and rebook options, price, Operator reviews and many more interesting features.

The online bus booking services offers a plethora of advantages than its offline prehistoric booking modes. Firstly, booking a bus ticket through a travel agent or at a counter is in the past.

Customers can view every bus that’s available on any given route in India. They do not have to stand in a queue and accept the price and seat that’s given to them by the travel agent or the ticket clerk behind the counter.

Cruise API Integration.

The API is a connection between the cruise supplier and online travel agencies where these OTA can view their live, real time inventory and availability when accessing cruise booking software.

You can provides a single platform where the travel agents can access through Cruise API to do easy online bookings of cruises.

Benefits of Cruise API

  • An instant return on investment i.e Immediate ROI
  • Offer ease in managing the percentage of profit
  • Facilitate continuous evaluation
  • Easy Markup Controls
  • Boost your online direct sales
  • Decrees your dependence on other sales channels

Why You Should Choose Us For Global Cruise API?

Driven by smooth user experience that can be only accomplished through the application of enhanced technology. The solution supports the customer and cruise supplier to have complete control of guest accounts and other changes in the order request.

Transfer API Integration

Transfer booking system will allow your travel agents and their sub-agents to book car transfers for their passengers. The system can integrate a number of XML transfers providers as well as offers you the ability to enter in and manage your own transfer’s inventory.

Features of transfer booking system

  • XML Integration with major Transfers providers
  • Unlimited number of vehicle types.
  • Specify departure points, destination and sub-destinations.
  • Charge a premium between selected hours.
  • Charge per vehicle or per person.
  • Price includes customized look and feel to match your existing website or design and installation on your website.
  • Manage Trip logs

Sightseeing API Integration

Enriched with all the features such as receiving a booking, requesting payment and controlling user data, the sightseeing online reservations are available for travel operators to build their own business.

Key Features of Sightseeing API

  • Simple and easy to use booking process
  • Filtered search results as per desired type and category
  •  Flexibility to select pick-up and drop-off point
  • Personalized tours with private transfers & guides
  • Range of online sightseeing tours
  • Comprehensive search results to save time

For Integration Support write to us at [email protected] or call us at +919871192979

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