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Ecommerce SEO Services

Ecommerce SEO Services or Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective, affordable ways to grow your ecommerce store and boost your revenue by bringing in more orders to your store. When your eCommerce store ranks at the top of search engine result page, more customers can find and contact your store or business. So, if you are trying to or even want to boost your ecommerce store’s rankings, request a free proposal and learn how our E-commerce SEO services can bring more orders to your store.

✔ 20 page-one guaranteed key phrases
✔ 4 custom dashboards
✔ 4 pages of SEO copy
✔ Keyword rank checker access
✔ 3 links or content assets

✔ 35 page-one guaranteed key phrases
✔ 8 custom dashboards
✔ 20 pages of SEO copy
✔ Shopping cart funnel analysis
✔ 7 links or content assets

✔ 50 page-one guaranteed key phrases
✔ 8 custom dashboards
✔ 40 pages of SEO copy
✔ Customer review strategy
✔ 16 links or content assets

Increase Online Orders using Ecommerce SEO Services

As one of the most effective ways to drive website traffic, SEO helps your online business increase its revenue and growth.

Rank your website higher in search results for the keywords your target audience uses. Our ecommerce SEO services and award-winning team will help you achieve that.

We are here to target more key terms that bring more qualified customers who click on “Buy Now”, and you’ll see an increase in conversions and revenue.

Start growing your online business with Ima Appweb.

Speak directly to a strategist about our SEO services for ecommerce websites, feel free to contact us at: +91-9871-192-979

Ima Ecommerce SEO Service Pricing


Number of keyphrases optimized(Keyphrases with less than 1M results) Up to 150 Up to 300 Up to 600 Custom
Web server analysis & reporting Custom
Keyphrase research Custom
Predictive keyword analysis Custom
Meta tags Custom
Optimization of robots.txt & GoogleBot crawls Custom
Quarterly content asset links or long form/skyscraper content assets 3 links or content assets 7 links or content assets 16 links or content assets Custom
Mobile site optimization (if applicable) Custom
Information architecture audit Custom
Google Analytics setup with conversion tracking Custom
Google Analytics traffic analysis Custom
Creation of Google Analytics custom dashboards 4 dashboards 8 dashboards 8 dashboards Custom
Not provided filter / Not provided analysis reporting Custom
Setup of website sitemap Custom
Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools setup Custom
Google/Bing Webmaster Tools analysis (initial and ongoing) Custom
Alternate text added to images Custom
Product image optimization Custom
Link redirect audit Custom
Breadcrumb analysis/implementation Custom
Broken link correction (initial) Custom
Broken link correction (monthly) Custom
On-page crawl error correction (initial) Custom
On-page crawl error correction (monthly) Custom
Custom 404 error page setup Custom
Product Markup – Schema HTML tags (initial) Custom
Product Markup – Schema HTML tags (ongoing) Custom
Rel=”publisher” implementation Custom
Initial copywriting articles or blog posts (up to 500 words) Up to 4 pages Up to 20 pages Up to 40 pages Custom
Initial copywriting for product descriptions (up to 150 words) Up to 10 products Up to 20 products Up to 40 products Custom
Ongoing quarterly copywriting for product descriptions Up to 10 products Up to 10 products Up to 20 products Custom
Quarterly web page freshness updates Custom
Initial link analysis and disavow Custom
Dedicated account representative Custom
Online project management schedule Custom
Ongoing monthly keyword reporting Custom
Ongoing monthly traffic reporting Custom
Ongoing monthly transaction/revenue reporting Custom
Google data highlights Custom
Competitor intelligence report Custom
Internal linking restructuring Custom
Linkable content promotion Custom
Proper URL structure analysis Custom
URL Parameter normalization/exclusions Custom
Header Tags Optimized (ex. H1s) Custom
Duplicate content analysis & correction Custom
Social media monitoring software Custom
Keyword rank checker access (updates weekly) Custom
Shopping cart funnel analysis and recommendations Custom
Website usability analysis Custom
Rich snippets optimization Custom
Universal SEO (Video, Maps, Images, News) Custom
Outreach to online influencers Custom
Link reclamation Custom
Creation of text navigation (if possible) Custom
Website design analysis Custom
Video and image XML sitemaps Custom
Integration of blog w/ RSS Custom
Link baiting and content development Custom
Customer review (user generated content) strategy Custom
Marketing Cloud Custom
200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results Custom
Website conversion analysis implementation Custom Custom Custom Custom
Keyphrases guaranteed on 1st page results of Google (OR INITIAL PAYMENT BACK – 1 year
20 35 50 Custom
Initial campaign investment:(Two month duration) $5,500 $6,000-$6,500 $8,000 Get Quote
Progressive monthly optimization:(1 year commitment – Subsequent 10 months) $1,475 $2,475 $4,475 Get Quote
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What do our ecommerce SEO services include?

Ecommerce SEO is a multi-faceted process, which is why our ecommerce SEO services include:

  1. Custom ecommerce SEO strategy
  2. Keyword research and optimization
  3. Product markup
  4. Product image optimization
  5. Product SEO copywriting
  6. Online project management schedule
  7. Professional blog or article copywriting
  8. Content promotion
  9. Google Analytics setup
  10. Google Search Console setup
  11. Monthly keyword, traffic, and transaction reporting
  12. And many more

Know more about ecommerce SEO services

A graphic of how ecommerce SEO services work
A graphic of how ecommerce SEO services work

When you start selling online using online marketing, you make sure that you are directing the right type of customers to your site, that can be accomplished if you have the right content that contains the right keywords.

If you have the words on your site that shoppers’ type into a search engine, you stand a better chance at being found.

However, it’s difficult to figure out which words and keywords to add to your site. To start the ecommerce search engine optimization process, you should know what keywords or phrases you want to target.

Here’s how we start our ecommerce SEO process for our clients, and what you can expect when you work with our in-house team of ecommerce SEO experts.


Firstly, we do research to identify the words and phrases you need to include in your content and then we make the necessary changes to your website. These are called keywords or keyphrases.

By using keyword research tools, asking your customers how they describe your products, or working with you to find the keywords you already know are successful, we’ll find out how you should describe your store or products to rank highly in searches.

Why keyword research is important to ecommerce SEO
Why keyword research is important to ecommerce SEO

Keywords most often pertain to your products or your store’s central theme. If you sell home decor products, for instance, you may target keywords related to that theme or focus. A few examples include, “home decor products”, “bedroom decor products” and “living room decor items”.

Keyword identification is a critical part of our ecommerce SEO services because it establishes an effective strategy for your business.


The next step in our process is to implement these high-value, relevant keywords onto your website.

Our ecommerce SEO experts use these keywords in several places, including:

  1. Homepage
  2. Page titles
  3. Meta descriptions
  4. Product descriptions
  5. Image alt text
  6. And more

This step is essential to an ecommerce SEO strategy. Without optimizing your website for these relevant keywords, it’s difficult for search engines — and even users — to see that your website is relevant to a search query.

An example of a product page optimized for SEO
An example of a product page optimized for SEO

While you can do your own copywriting to implement these recommended keywords, an advantage of partnering with a full-service digital marketing agency, like Ima Appweb, is that we offer SEO copywriting services — note that some copywriting comes with our ecommerce SEO packages.


Every page on your website needs optimization for search engines.

When it comes to ecommerce stores, product pages are extremely important because they are most likely to rank for very specific search phrases, also known as “long-tail keywords.”

To ensure that your product pages earn a high ranking in search results, we’ll make sure that each page has a title, as well as a paragraph with keyword-rich copy that describes the item. It’s also a good idea to include the model number (if there is one) so you show up in searches for that, too.

Your product pages should also include images of the items you are selling.

Why ecommerce SEO focuses on image optimization
Why ecommerce SEO focuses on image optimization

Images offer value to users and search engines. For users, your images provide perspective on your product, from its size to its color to its uses. For search engines, your images offer insight into the context of your product page. That’s why our dedicated team optimizes your images for SEO.

Plus, we review each page of your website in-depth to ensure that you’re targeting long-tail keywords and that you’re not missing crucial SEO elements like title tags. The result is a product page that’s ready to convert consumers.


SEO for ecommerce sites also includes making your site user-friendly. Optimizing the navigation of your website will help the users to easily buy or browse through your site. If it’s not done, you may find that users get confused and leave your site almost as soon as they arrive.

You need an easy-to-navigate website, even if you carry a wide variety of products. We’ll make sure that everything has appropriate sections or categories, and that there is a link to each top-level page from somewhere in your menu.

We make your website navigation easy-to-use and understand.

If users find your website hard to navigate, then they leave your website which increases the bounce rate. High bounce rates tell search engines that your website isn’t as relevant for the search terms it’s ranking for — which is why a high bounce rate can lead to a drop in your rankings.

That’s why web design, as well as the design of your landing pages, is an imperative feature of ecommerce SEO.

Our award-winning web designers will use best navigations and keywords to your pages and maximize the usability of your websites for users. For maximum results in your website’s usability, we offer user experience testing services.


One of the best ways you can both add SEO value and draw in shoppers is to create original content for your ecommerce store. Content can come in the form of a blog, articles, press releases, and even ebooks.

A content marketing strategy serves two purposes: one, to give search engines even more content to crawl for keywords and phrases, and two, to tell your potential customers that you are knowledgeable and trustworthy.

A statistic on content marketing and conversion rates
A statistic on content marketing and conversion rates

The best part is content marketing can double your website’s conversion rates. Why? With unique and informational content, you’re offering value to users, whether by answering their questions or offering them guidance.

Consumers love it too.

Companies that use content marketing more than quadruple their conversions compared to businesses that don’t.

For content marketing, most ecommerce websites choose to set up a blog. Blogs come in many shapes and sizes and can have one post a month or multiple posts a day. For your online store, you may find it easiest to focus on one or two posts a week.

Additional content may include:

  1. How-to Videos
  2. Infographics on related topics
  3. Articles
  4. Long-form content like ebooks or white papers

With a talented team of writers, as well as a creative team of Internet marketers, Ima Appweb builds innovative content marketing strategies as a part of our ecommerce SEO services — our ecommerce SEO packages include quarterly content.

What form this content takes is up to you, and we’ll work together to decide what kind of content is best for your website, then create it for you and implement it on your site.

Why choose Ima Appweb for ecommerce SEO services?

Ima Appweb is a full-service digital marketing company that’s passionate about what we do — and it shows in our partnerships with thriving ecommerce businesses from a variety of industries.

Want to learn more about why Ima Appweb is the best choice for ecommerce SEO services?

Decades of Experience

With more than 10 years of experience, Ima Appweb offers your business unparalleled expertise. Our decades of experience also provide your team with confidence. We’ve adapted to the fast-paced changes in the industry, ensuring that our clients see the best results, from increased revenue to improved rankings.

100% Transparency

A core value of Ima Appweb is transparency. That’s why we publish our prices online, as well as why we provide our clients with our own CRM. It’s an approach that’s an immense difference from other ecommerce SEO agencies, which is another reason why Ima Appweb stands apart.

Personalized eCommerce SEO Services

For the best results, we focus on customized strategies. That’s why our ecommerce SEO experts invest the time to learn your business, industry, and product line-up. That provides not only a personalized experience but also a powerful ecommerce SEO strategy.

Why do ecommerce businesses need SEO?

With ecommerce SEO, you can reach more qualified leads. These are the shoppers most likely to buy your product, which converts to more sales and revenue for your company. SEO helps you reach this group of shoppers by optimizing your website for the right keywords.

Perks of using Ecommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO connects you with High-Value Shoppers

Our ecommerce SEO services make sure your store is visible so that you can maximize your profits.

Without optimizing your website for keywords, your chance at showing up in searches for keywords with high buying intent is slim to none.

Instead, it’s your competitors that do — and they’re happy to adopt your shoppers.

eCommerce SEO improves your online presence

Ecommerce SEO focuses on improving your online visibility to search engines. By increasing your visibility, ecommerce SEO makes it easier for consumers to find your website. Your business becomes vulnerable to several risks, including:

  1. Lower search result rankings
  2. Fewer purchase orders
  3. Less revenue

These are all risks that impact your bottom line, as well as daily operations. If you’re not driving valuable traffic to your website, you’re not making sales, which leads to a downturn in your overall profits. That’s not sustainable.

eCommerce SEO optimizes your entire product line

As an online store, you probably have an expansive product line — even if you offer shoppers a smaller, curated selection, it’s essential that your target audience can find your goods when searching online.

With our ecommerce SEO services, we optimize each of your products.

In comparison, if your company relied on traditional marketing, you’d have to settle on marketing one or two of your products — unless you had a massive marketing budget. While you’d probably market your most popular products, you couldn’t guarantee you’d reach your target audience.

With Ima Appweb’s ecommerce SEO services, you can optimize your site to reach your most qualified customers.

eCommerce SEO is a cost-effective marketing strategy

Compared to traditional marketing, ecommerce SEO is extremely cost-effective. By focusing on the keywords your target audience uses — and optimizing your website for those keywords — SEO drives the results you want to see.

It’s also the foundation of a powerful, performance-driven digital marketing strategy.

With the money your company saves with SEO, you can reinvest in your business’ success. Maybe, for example, you’ll expand your ecommerce marketing strategy to include pay-per-click (PPC) advertising or email marketing — both of which offer a high return on investment (ROI).

It provides long-term revenue

SEO offers a reliable and long-term source of revenue for your company. That’s why SEO is a long-term and ongoing process — it doesn’t deliver results overnight, but it does deliver over time.

It’s another reason why digital marketing is becoming the trusted choice of ecommerce stores.

With the continuous results of ecommerce SEO, your company can grow over time.

That helps to achieve your company’s long-term goals, which may include expanding your product line, building your team members, or reaching your dream number of sales.

The best part is that you don’t pay for the results of ecommerce SEO, unlike PPC. While the two services work well together, you pay for every click that PPC earns your company. That cuts into your overall ROI and profits. Plus, it makes your business dependent on paid advertising to drive revenue.

Compete against competitors using eCommerce SEO

Without an ecommerce SEO strategy, expect your competitors to beat you out in search results.

Even if you create an amazing ecommerce website with a beautiful design that naturally attracts hundreds of links, a competitor with a solid ecommerce SEO agency will outrank you almost every time, in every search. It’s not enough to have part of the package.

With competition as high as it is online, you need the complete package — and with a personalized ecommerce SEO package from Ima Appweb, that’s exactly what you get. As your partner, we’ll develop a customized and competitive strategy that places you at the forefront of your industry.

Are you Ready to make your store more visible online?

We ensure that your online store doesn’t get stuck on page two (or worse). Experience the power of being on page one, and having an ecommerce website that ranks well, attracts as many customers as possible, and converts more clicks into purchases.

With Ima Appweb and our ecommerce SEO services, you can achieve your goals.

Contact Ima Appweb today to find out how a custom ecommerce SEO plan can make your store more visible and turn more of your visitors into real, paying customers.

We’ll work with you to create a plan completely customized to your unique needs


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