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The Complete Scope of Work To Build a WordPress Website

Scope of Work: To Build a WordPress Website

Ima Appweb’s Website Design and Development services are helping companies reimagine and rapidly realize their value and the way they deliver it with radical customer-centricity.

To offer 100% transparency in our work, we have documented the scope of work for our WordPress development process in detail.

This is a starting point for a project. Each section of this scope can be found broken into its individual parts. All sections of this scope and additional options are nested under this category in the hierarchy.

1. Planning And Information Architecture Development


  • Gather project specifications from the client
  • Write up the project information architecture
  • Review all items above with the client, and get a sign off from the client on work


Work Description Time
Client meeting/discovery Discuss project needs and present documents – 3 meetings  5 hrs
Information Architecture Planning and Consultation Write information architecture 3 hrs
Project Consultation Write project Creative Brief 3 hrs


2. Project Setup

This is a list of tasks related to setting up the project on internal and sometimes external systems and preparing the team to work on the project.

2.A. Client Communications And Project Management Tools Setup

Set up the project and inform the respective team about the project.

Tasks: Systems setup – 1 hr


2.B. Write Full Project Plan In Project Management Tool And Assign tasks

Set up tasks, deadlines, planning, Gantt charts, etc. for the initiation of the project.

Project Management Systems:

  • IMA-Project Manager

Tasks: Systems setup


2.C. Serving Environment Setup


  • Initiate hosting environments for build and for live areas
  • Set up and distribute user permissions, usernames, and passwords
  • Inform all team members of new environments
  • Install empty WordPress installation

Tasks: Systems setup – 1 hr


2.D. Code Repository Setup


  • Set up a code repository
  • Set up the skeleton directory structure
  • Commit and push code frameworks and other dependencies Invite or add users

Code repository location:,

Tasks: Systems setup – 1hr


2.E. CMS, Plugins, And Widgets

The Content Management System (CMS), system plugins, and widgets purchased or used are listed below.

Notes: When using widgets on a website, no liability for the long-term use of these items will be applied to the developer. Breaks will happen and fixes must be applied. Fees may apply to fix items in the future.

Total Tasks: System Setup – 1.5 hr


2.E.(1). Content Management System


About WordPress: WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.

The core software is built by hundreds of community volunteers, and when you’re ready for more there are thousands of plugins and themes available to transform your site into almost anything you can imagine. Over 65 million people have chosen WordPress to power the place on the web they call “home” — we’d love you to join the family.

Tasks: Systems setup – 0.5hr


2.E.(2). Contact Form 7 

Use: The item is used to help send form items from Gravity forms to the contact form database.


2.E.(3). Wordfence

Use: WordPress security


2.E.(5). Yoast

Use: SEO plugin


3. Concept Design

The theme of your website is the overall look, feel, and style of the system. This includes the color scheme, layout, and style elements. Your website theme is a direct representation of your brand and has a direct impact on your users’ experience.


Work Description Time
Client meeting/discovery Initial discussions with the client, follow up meetings, and reviews 3 hrs
Project Consultation Mood boards and benchmarking 2 hrs
Research and planning Find themes that match the brand and make recommendations 2 hrs
Systems setup Purchase and install the theme 3 hrs


4. Project Management

The Project Management task is the task of managing all team members as well as client communications throughout the build of the project. This task is calculated as a percentage of the total number of hours in the project.

Tasks: Project Management (+20%) – 16 hrs (+20% of the project)


5. Mobile Responsive Platform Improvements

This line item is a general amount allocated to mobile responsiveness. It is an additional percentage that is based on the size of the project and usually equal to roughly 10% of the front end development hours)

This item is time allotted to ensuring the system looks good on mobile devices and works correctly. The framework noted above is a mobile responsive framework and automatically provides for mobile responsiveness, however not all items need to be shown on a mobile device some need to be turned off, edited, or otherwise changed to make sure that certain areas work on a mobile device. Additionally, certain areas of the site may need to be turned off completely as they will not show on a mobile device without completely rebuilding them. These areas have been noted in corresponding the ‘Section Notes’ areas.

Mobile responsiveness may be removed, however, the addition of this item substantially contributes to the success of the project.

Tasks: Coding – HTML / CSS (Ensure all pages are mobile responsive) – 5 hrs


6. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is NOT A PART of this project build. From within WordPress, there are methods to add page keywords, descriptions, and other meta-data, but the actual research into what these keywords and descriptions should be is not included in the build of this project.

Additionally, no other tasks have been assigned to the deployment of this project.


7. Content Creation

The task of writing content for this website is NOT INCLUDED in this project. The Client is responsible for delivering ALL CONTENT at the beginning of the project for this website. Recommendations for additional content may be made during the build of the system, but no content will be created by our team. 


8. Pre-Launch Site Check

This is a list of checks to be completed before the website can be marked completed

Hours: 3.28


8.A. Check All Pages Built Against Architecture

Tasks: Quality Assurance – 0.12 hrs


8.B. Mobile Responsive Checked In Andriod And IOS

Hours: 1.00

Double-check mobile responsiveness in the most recent versions of Android and iOS mobile.

Tasks: Quality Assurance – 1 hrs


8.C. Cross-Browser Compatibility Check

Double-check on: Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, Safari 

Tasks: Quality Assurance – 1 hrs


8.D. Speed Check


Tasks: Quality Assurance – 0.12 hrs


8.E. Google Webmaster Tools Added


Tasks: Quality Assurance – 0.12 hrs


8.F. Sitemap Added

Description: Generates a sitemap for the WordPress website. A sitemap is a dedicated XML page that contains all the links of pages, posts, images, and other online assets in a single place. It is useful for search engines to map the content and index the web pages of your WordPress website.

Tasks: Quality Assurance – 0.5 hrs


8.G. Google Analytics Added

Description: Add the client’s email as the main account, then add the JHMG user as our account.

Tasks: Quality Assurance – 0.5 hrs


8.H. Robots.txt


Tasks: Quality Assurance – 0.1 hrs


8.I. SEO Checks

Description: Check to make sure no broken links and the site is looking good.

Tasks: Quality Assurance – 1 hrs


9. Header & Footer


Pricing for the header and footer design, coding, and programming is a part of the concept design and HTML Framework set up and coding, except for the ‘get a consultation’ lightbox and form.


9.1. Header


The header of the page is ‘sticky’ navigation that stays at the top of the screen as the user scrolls down.

Header area will have: 

  1. Logo/link to home page
  2. Phone number Main
  3. Navigation Get a consultation button/link to open get a consultation lightbox
  4. Send us an email/link to the contact page 

Notes: The header remains the same on every page in order to ensure the user can always find their way around the website.

Tasks: Coding – HTML / CSS – 2 hrs


9.1. (A).  Main Navigation


  • Home
  • Services
  • Our Work
  • Company
    • Staff
  • Contact

Notes: The main site navigation will be shown on all pages of the website at the top or left of the website and will help users navigate through the website.

9.1. (B). Get A Consultation


Modal with a form is triggered when clicking on the “Get a consultation” button in the header. The modal will have:

  • Text about why to use this company
  • Consultation Form: 
    • Name
    • email 
    • phone 
    • project type 
    • budget 
    • comments 
    • submit button

Notes: Mobile Responsive Item: Get a consultation may be a separate page on mobile devices


Work Time
Coding – HTML / CSS 1.25 hrs
Programming – CMS Integration 0.5 hrs
Quality Assurance (+20%) 0.35 hrs (+20% of card)


9.2. Footer

Description: The footer of your website is at the bottom of the page.

Tasks: Coding – HTML / CSS (Set up website footer) – 2 hrs

9.2. (A). Contact Info


  • Phone
  • Address
  • Get a consultation button / opens consultation lightbox
Work Description Time
Client meeting/discovery Meeting time with the client 1 hrs
Coding – HTML / CSS Coding 1 hrs


9.2. (B).  Full Site Navigation


  • Home
  • Services 
  • Our Work 
  • Company 
  • Contact

9.2. (C).  Copyright Information

Description: Copyright ::year:: Company name


9.2.(D). Social Media Icons


  • Facebook
  • Twitter 
  • Linkedin 
  • Instagram

Notes: Each icon links to its corresponding platform.


10. Home Page

Page Goals:

  • Drive the user to the main call to action button
  • Inform the user of choices

Notes: Initial composition design time is included in the concept design for this project.


10.1. Promotional Image Rotator


This image slider will use a slider plugin.

Promotional image rotator will include on each image:

  • Photo or image
  • Next/Back buttons
  • Description
  • Call to action button

On the right and left sides of this area, there will be next and back buttons in the shape of arrows that navigate through the 3 slides. Images will transition from one to another by having one fade in while the other fades out. No other animation will be done.

Notes: Three slides with pictures and text provided by the client will be turned into slides. Once the slider has been completed, the client may use the CMS to edit the images, titles, text, and call to action button as needed. Mobile Responsive Item: Promotional Rotator may be modified or removed in some situations.


Work Description Time
Coding – HTML / CSS Edit template code to make sure slider fits correctly 0.5 hrs
Programming – CMS Integration Add slider and format images 0.5 hrs 
Quality Assurance (+20%)


10.2. Company Tag Line / Description

Description: Once sentence explanation of what the company does.

Tasks: Programming – CMS Integration – 0.5hrs


10.3. Service Item Promo Boxes


4 Promo boxes about our services. Each box to have:

  • Image/link to service information
  • Title/link to service information 
  • Text about service

Tasks: Programming – CMS Integration – 0.5hrs


11. Services


List of all client services. Per service:

  • Title/link to a service profile page 
  • Optional Image/link to the service profile page
  • Text 


Work Description Time
Coding – HTML / CSS Create a theme template 2 hrs
Content Entry & Formatting Add content to the page  1 hrs
Programming – CMS Integration add template custom fields 1 hrs


11.1. Service Profile


Create a service profile theme template

  • Title
  • Large Image 
  • Optional Video(s) about service 
  • Text about service 
  • Get started button – opens consultation modal from header

Notes: This is a page that fully explains the service. Content Generation task is allotted two hours per service. The total number of services is [X]


Work Description Time
Coding – HTML / CSS Create theme template 3 hrs
Content Entry & Formatting Content Entry & Formatting 4 hrs
Programming – CMS Integration Add custom fields to theme template 1 hrs
Quality Assurance (+20%)


12. Our Work


Portfolio of work. This is a photo gallery of work. On the page there is a grid view of projects. Each project has: 

  • Image/link to the project page
  • Title/link to the project page

Tasks: Content Entry & Formatting – 1.5 hrs


12.1 Project Page


This is a page the shows in-depth the project that was selected on the previous page.


Work Description Time
Content Entry & Formatting Add content to pages  4 hrs 
Programming – CMS Integrate Create Project Page theme template  5 hrs
Quality Assurance (+20%) 2 hrs


12.1.(A). Page Textual Information


  • Title of project
  • Date completed 
  • Description / case study 
    • Problems the client had and how they were solved
    • Process of solving problems 


12.1.(B). Photo Gallery Of Project


Grid view of photos from project. On click of each item, a lightbox will pull up with a larger view of the photo. The lightbox will also allow the user to cycle through all the photos in the gallery. 


12.1.(B).(i). Photo Gallery Lightbox


The lightbox will have:-

  • Image 
  • Title 
  • next and previous buttons 
  • close button 
  • user will also be able to click on the page, off of lightbox to close the lightbox


13. Company


Paragraph about the company:-

  • Header
  • Text about the company
  • Image of full staff/link to the staff page
  • Link to see all staff

Tasks: Content Entry & Formatting – 1.5 hrs


13.1. Staff Listing


List of staff members in a grid view. Each staff member will have:

  • Image
  • First and last names
  • Title

All items above link to staff member profile.

Tasks: Programming – CMS Integration (build staff listing theme template) – 2.5 hrs


13.1.(A) Staff Member Profile


This can be a page or lightbox. Each staff member page or lightbox will have:\

  • First and last names
  • Title
  • Large image
  • Bio – just text


Work Description Time
Content Entry & Formatting Add content to pages  2 hrs 
Programming – CMS Integration build theme template 1.5 hrs
Quality Assurance (+20%) 1 hrs


14. Contact


The contact page allows users to find contact information, reach the business through a contact form, and find the business’s location.

14.1. Contact Info


  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Address
  • Link to google maps with this location marked


14.2. Contact Form


Form Fields:-

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Comments
  • Submit button

Notes: The form will send an email to the client. All emails will be kept in the database as well and will be viewable from the admin area of WordPress.

Tasks: Programming – CMS Integration (Add form using plugin) – 1hr


14.3. Google Map


A large map on the page with the location marked as a pin on the map.


Work Description Time
Programming – CMS Integration Add Google map 0.5 hrs
Programming – Feature Development Set up Google Map API through Google Cloud services and connect it to page map 0.75 hrs
Quality Assurance (+20%) 1 hrs


14.4. Social Media Icons


Icons/links to social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube

Notes: These are not shared icons, they are links to the pages for this organization’s social media platforms.

Tasks: Content Entry & Formatting (Add links to social media platforms ) – 0.25 hrs

15. Project Launch


  • Migrate DNS
  • Manage / migrate
  • MX records if necessary
  • Push files to live environment
  • Run critical systems testing protocols

Notes: Running critical systems testing protocols is project dependent 

Tasks: Project Launch – 2 hrs

15.A. Run Critical Systems Testing Protocols


Critical systems testing protocols are different for every project, so this portion may need to be fully determined when the project is almost completed. This is just an initial estimate. 

Tasks: Project Launch – 1 hrs

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