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Steps in the software development process

Software Development: Developing software typically involves the following steps:

  • Selecting a methodology to establish a framework in which the steps of software development are applied. It describes an overall work process or roadmap for the project. Methodologies can include Agile development, DevOps, Rapid Application Development (RAD), Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Waterfall and others. (See the glossary.)
  • Gathering requirements to understand and document what is required by users and other stakeholders.
  • Choosing or building an architecture as the underlying structure within which the software will operate.
  • Developing a design around solutions to the problems presented by requirements, often involving process models and storyboards.
  • Constructing code in the appropriate programming language. Involves peer and team review to eliminate problems early and produce quality software faster.
  • Testing with pre-planned scenarios as part of software design and coding — and conducting performance testing to simulate load testing on the application.
  • Managing configuration and defects to understand all the software artifacts (requirements, design, code, test) and build distinct versions of the software. Establish quality assurance priorities and release criteria to address and track defects.
  • Deploying the software for use and responding to and resolving user problems.
  • Migrating data to the new or updated software from existing applications or data sources if necessary.
  • Managing and measuring the project to maintain quality and delivery over the application lifecycle, and to evaluate the development process with models such as the Capability Maturity Model (CMM).

The steps of the software development process fit into application lifecycle management.

  • Requirements analysis and specification
  • Design and development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance and support

Software development process steps can be grouped into the phases of the life cycle, but the importance of the lifecycle is that it recycles to enable continuous improvement.

For example, user issues that surface in the maintenance and support phase can become requirements at the beginning of the next cycle.

Steps in the software development

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cloud-native development
  • Cloud-based development
  • Blockchain
  • Low code
  • Analytics
  • Mobile

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