How to generate revenue and business using digitization. In short What does your business want ?

How to generate revenue and business using digitization. In short What does your business want ?
# a business that is operational or that is thinking about getting started. What do these guys really want ? The perfect answer shall be “if it is a hotel or a resort, they will want that their rooms need to be fully occupied or atleast 60% should be occupied i.e room occupancy.
# If it is a travel agency they want their destination packages to be sold.
# and again it is similliar for other business owners too. They want their services or products to sell more.


Now the question arises how ?
# Many will suggest to hire a sales team as well as a marketing team.
# many will suggest make your website, do SEO and you will generate business.
# many will suggest go for adword, PPC
# Others will suggest buy query from the portals and start working.

I must tell you, be absolutely aware of these experts, becuase they will land you in a hell of frustration. I am sorry but they will.

So what needs to be done ?
A. Plan
B. Execute

What to plan ?
These are initial planning, the B-schools guys may disagree with it, but this is the must to do.

A. Marketing B. Sales C. Digital marketing

What should be the strategy ?
it must be revenue generation and nothing else.

Because when execution will start every other things will come automatically.

So what should be the marketing strategy ?
Reach masses with your brand i.e brand awareness.
create a good looking creative website that will hold a user for at least 6 sec.
And mind it the users are never interested in your destination or package they are interested in content, a good content i.e helpful to them and can solve their problem.

For eg, why are you reading this content ? you might have discarded and left it without reading . But if you are reading it then you think that the guy is trying to say something good and that can solve your problem.

so focus on creating contents that is a problem of an user and expect whole lot of users with same problem will visit your site 🙂 in this way we can attract the people who have problem and now the main step is to solve their problem which can be done by your service or product.

This is how a marketing is executed and sales is done.

It doesn’t ends here. This is just a trailer, there are whole lots of things to be properly planned in your digital network so that you can acheive good result like landing pages, CTA’s , Conversions, FB pages, Twitter, Apps, Submissions, SEO, Inbound marketing etc.

The main question is how will the user come to know about our site. That is the million dollar question.

It can be from social media, it can be from inbound marketing and content strategy. But everything takes time and are expensive too (because they consume time, therfore they are expensive).

So we have devised a cost effective way of solving your problem. for further information please visit at style

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