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Print Media & Publishing

Print Media Publishing Digital Transformation: The Publishing business unit at ima Appweb focuses on Digital Transformation Product development services for the printing and publishing industries.

We have worked on a number of print and publishing software technologies with clients from different sectors of the industry. This includes newspapers, magazines, media houses, journals, brochures, print service providers, catalogs and digital publishers. Our expertise in pertinent technologies, workflow, processes and industry-specific systems, allows us to pick up end requirements quickly and ensure delivery of great projects, on time.

Print Media Publishing

What we do for our clients :

  • Flex Development
  • Editorial Systems
  • Workflow Systems
  • Cross-Media Publishing
  • PDF and XML Workflow
  • Advertising Management
  • Database-driven Publishing
  • Custom Flash Development
  • Custom InDesign Development
  • Custom Photoshop Development
  • Custom Illustrator Development
  • Custom AfterEffects Development
  • Digital Asset Management Systems
  • Brand Asset, Product and Catalog Management Systems

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  1. Bunkerintegrated Bunkerintegrated August 18, 2023

    Your blog demonstrates the print media’s ongoing influence in the digital age. The comprehension of the publishing procedure illuminates the painstaking work that goes into creating actual material.

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