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Want Transparency in Programmatic Advertising

When you are thinking about targeting the right audience, Only media that offers this services to the advertisers is Programmatic media through efficient modes of transaction and that also real time. That’s why nearly 80% of Worlds display advertising spend is projected to be served programmatically, and is expected to reach nearly $33 million by the end of 2017 (ad week).

Saying that the more dollars that shift to the ecosystem of programmatic, more eyes are on the challenges that will exist.

The open auction of programmatic advertising or you may call id Adwords, CPC , PPC. It is a complex space when it comes to managing fraud, viewability, and brand safety. 100% transparency is required to understand where every dollar in an advertiser’s budget is going. To date, transparency has stopped at the supply side for advertisers, leaving questions as to where our media is running and where the spends your money are really going. However, there’s a new SSP that is said to offer the transparency, brand safety, and guarantees that have been missing in Programmatic to date.

Advertisers are faced with constant change. New technology, growing channels, and shifting customer data make ad buying increasingly complicated. The problem is that ad technology has been a black box for years, forcing marketers to spend money without knowing what they’re getting in return. Your ad buying technology shouldn’t be keeping any secrets.

All the benefits without all the mystery

Transparency in your automated ad buying is critical. By seeing exactly what you’re getting, you can easily adjust your strategy. As a marketer, you need the ability to place ads efficiently without being left in the dark. And with detailed visual reporting on all your ad spending, you maintain control. Transparency turns programmatic ad buying into a tool to simplify your life.

Ima T&C

Sorry you got this wrong, it is not terms and condition. It is Trust & Client. There is lot happening in ad tech world and every one is excited about it while all these things are happening, a old player is reinventing its wheels in the supply side. But, Ima T&C has a unique differentiator—they only charge for 100% viewable and 100% human traffic. They also offer transparency into all fees paid along the supply chain, including the fee that they take off the top of the media.

Is 100% too good to be true?

Ima T&C offers an industry-changing programmatic advertising services designed to match high-quality brands to premium content publishers with engaged audiences.

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