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Best solution to today’s marketing challenge. Link analytics and ads

In this article: Learn how bringing Google Analytics and Google Ads together can help teams build effective campaigns for the modern customer journey

The rise of mobile devices and new digital technologies has resulted in customer journeys that are more varied than ever. The brands that are growing are gaining a deeper understanding of today’s non-linear and fast-paced customer journey, and they’re using this knowledge to deliver relevant, personalized experiences.

In this new guide, marketers will find a clear, step-by-step playbook to help them make the most of Google Analytics and Google Ads. Learn how linking Google Analytics and Google Ads can unlock deeper insights and help teams create smarter campaigns. Then see how the advanced measurement capabilities in Analytics can offer a clear and specific understanding of campaign performance.


  1. New challenges, new solutions
  2. Google Analytics and Google Ads – The Power Couple
  3. Working together to improve media performance

Part 1: New challenges, new solutions

Today’s curious consumer

Imagine a user who learns about a new mattress brand from a friend. Intrigued, they search for reviews of this brand on YouTube — and discover three other interesting mattress brands after watching related videos on their phone. To compare these brands, the user reads more reviews over the next few days, then finally completes a purchase on their desktop. Today this kind of multi-step, curiosity-driven customer journey is more common than ever.

Google Analytics and Google Ads – The Power Couple

Create insights-driven ads

Google Analytics helps you gain a deeper understanding of your customers and how they’re engaging with your site, content, and products. Analytics gives you powerful insights — and the ability to put them to work quickly thanks to its integration with Google Ads. Google Ads helps you create ads to promote your products or services, then get them in front of people likely to buy from you across Google Search, YouTube, and Google’s network of partner sites and apps.


Working together to improve media performance

Seeing the whole picture — and ensuring you know the impact of every impression, click and conversion — is valuable for any marketer. To get this level of visibility, you need to link Google Analytics and Google Ads.
Once you’ve linked Google Analytics and Google Ads, you’ll be able to see detailed data about your ads campaigns right alongside your site metrics and conversion data in Analytics — meaning you no longer have to move between different products to get a full understanding of the customer journey. And once you have those insights, you can quickly build campaigns that are informed by them. You can also bring site engagement data from Analytics into Google Ads for increased visibility, enabling your team to make informed decisions about campaign optimizations. Here’s how you link Google Analytics and Google Ads, step by step.


Other Topics that is covered

  • Google Analytics and Google Ads: Best practices
  • Activate cross device capabilities in Analytics
  • Create audiences in Analytics and share with Google Ads
  • Create and import Goal completions
  • Informative Reports
  • Acquisition reports


‘Get Started Now’ Checklist

Here’s what you need to get started:
Link Google Analytics accounts to Google Ads accounts
Activate cross device capabilities
Create an Analytics audience and share with Google Ads
Create and import Goal completions
Take action on your data with better reporting

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