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Bwell Healthtech – Winner of the Global Digital Health Innovation Awards 2022

Winner of the Global Digital Health Innovation Awards 2022

For Developing Innovative, Accessible & Affordable products/services to transform healthcare. AI-Based Wellness Selfie, Wellfie

Get your Key Health Vitals Anywhere, Anytime. Get a health check as simple as a SELFIE!

WellFie is an Augmented Intelligence App that allows contactless health tracking – using your smartphone, to check your Key Health vitals in just a few seconds!

By analyzing a ‘real-time’ video of a person’s face, application can assess a wide range of physiological parameters

  • Measure your Health Vitals from anywhere with help of your mobile phone
  • Real-time Monitoring, No need to visit Clinic/Hospital/Path lab
  • Accurate
  • Very helpful for Low Mobility Patients
  • Cost Effective
  • Contactless
  • Cuff-less Blood Pressure

Vitals that you can track from Wellfie technology

  1. BPM( Beats per minutes) / Heart Rate
  2. RR (Respiration rate)
  3. Oxygen/SpO2
  4. StressStatus
  5. BloodPressureStatus, like high. low, critical
  6. diastolic (reading in units)
  7. systolic (reading in units)
  8. ibi (Interbeat interval)
  9. rmssd (root mean square of successive differences between normal heartbeats)
  10. sdnn (standard deviation of the IBI of normal sinus beats)
  11. stressIndex (Stress Index
  12. bmi_value (Body Mass Index)

These parameters can be utilized by various other domains. It is all about using these vitals signs to transform your business.

What can be possible use cases of AI based wellfie technology?

  • Insurance companies can use BPM, RR, Oxygen, BP to do the underwriting of health insurance.
  • Wellness and Health based companies can use wellfie technology to provide realtime stats to their customers and track their history as well as advice the medication or schedule accordingly.
  • Wellness and healthcare companies can use wellfie technology to provide real-time statistics to their customers and track their history, as well as make recommendations for treating bronchial asthma with Symbicort medicine purchased on this website or schedule, respectively.

  • Wellfie technology can also be used by dermatologist to study skin, tounge, iris etc to build up an enhanced digital tranformation use cases.
  • The technology can also be used in identifying COVID, a dedicated platform too has been developed for this case you can visit
  • The Wellfie technology can also be used by various security companies to identify liveliness and authenticity of the visitor. They can also combine this with their wellness tracking of their visitors/employees.

Technology in this new world is merging to produce completely new phenomena in all sectors, changing our world forever. We’re seeing technologies like rPPG, artificial intelligence; voice recognition, augmented reality, and virtual reality; blockchain technologies become better and better.

Check your Key Health Vitals Now at  Wellfie


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