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Google Security News. https SSL has become mandatory

As per google security news. HTTPS has become mandatory

On February 8th, Google made clear its intentions to formally mark websites lacking SSL Certificates (the certificate which once installed on the website results in an HTTPS secure URL string) as insecure.

Google has confirmed a date of “early July 2018” as the start date. They have also disclosed how they will alert web surfers of the non-HTTPS status, or not secure.

Sites that remain on the HTTP non-secure protocol will be flagged with a warning in the URL bar of the surfer’s browser.

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Please read the article at google here

SSL for website

Why are Google SSL Requirements Important?

  • Establishes Trust and Builds Brand Power
  • Provides Encryption of Sensitive Information
  • Provides Authentication

Non HTTPS sites and Google SEO – Why You Need To Adapt

For site owners who have lagged on adapting their site to HTTPS encryption, time is indeed running out.

google chrome browser marking a website insecure

Non HTTPS sites, Google Chrome warning

Google does not necessarily admit that non-HTTPS encrypted sites are at a handicap in its infamous search algorithm.

It is relatively safe to assume that a security warning on a website could lead to drastic fallout.

For example, it could decrease the time consumers spend on the site, the bounce rate, and eventually, the click rate on the SERPs. All of these factors would contribute to decreased search engine rankings.

Google is not only the largest search directory in the world, but they also have the most used web browser online.

Hosting companies are charging ridiculous price for SSL nowadays.

Understand SSL pricing of some hosting companies

let us talk about one of them godaddy. We also deal with godaddy, it’s not that we hate godaddy that’s why we have taken their name as our case study. We love godaddy.

godaddy SSL price

Price on dated 12 july 2018 on their website is 293.25 per month.

when you purchase for 4 years else the price is 366.59.

Lets say you purchase it for 2 years.

You have to pay 8784. But they will offer you some discount and you will have to pay around 6500 at least.

Similarly you can calculate other pricing too..

Let’s say you buy this SSL.


Next step is to install this certificate.

Now you must be wondering, how will it be done?

Godaddy will install this for you, don’t worry about that.

But the #1 Question is. Does that fixes all problem?

The answer is “BIG NO”

So the next step now will be fixing up your analytics account and search console.

This is necessary step, which will let google know that you are secured now.

Read more about “How to setup Google Analytics & Google search console after purchasing SSL”

Free SSL

There are various other sites which are offering Free SSL. Yea!! you heard that right. There are some non profit organisation who are distributing SSL for free, but these are valid for 30 days and 90 days. After expiry you will again have to renew certificate and install in your hosting. Let’s encrypt is one of them.

Note: Ima Appweb has worked a way out to provide it’s customer SSL solution for 80 USD for 2 years and with additional 20 USD we will solve your search console and analytics problem too. write to us at [email protected] for SSL solution


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