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How to find a right Social Media Influencers & Bloggers

This is 2022 and you just got struck by a bee called Social media influencer marketing and getting bloggers to write about your business. This post from Ima Appweb, A Digital Transformation Company in India talks about How to find the right social media influencer or a blogger for your business?

Social Media Influencers and Bloggers

Learn this difficult looking, mind-boggling terminology called AUDIT


Auditing your social media influencers or blogger is the #1 part before you sign anyone for your business. Don’t go for a flashy media kit, else you will burn yourself out.

How not to Audit the Social Media Account of an Influencer?

How not to Audit the Social Media Account of an Influencer?

1. Social media account auditing is based on no of likes on the Facebook page. No of subscribers in youtube channel, no of Instagram followers, no of Twitter followers, number of contacts in LinkedIn.

If you also thought the same as mentioned above. You are amongst the 95% of people in this world who are judging influencers with the number of likes.

2. It is Quantity Vs Quality. An influencer may have a small following but a loyal fan base and on another hand, an influencer may have a large following but the loyal fan base may be small.

3. Don’t fall for flashy photos and a lavish lifestyle. if you don’t believe it, go to youtube and type “fake influencers exposed” you will see some good results.

So here is a real thing now.

social media influencer

How to audit a social media influencer account on Instagram or Facebook?

Here I will discuss the short way of doing this audit. The long way of doing a social media influencer audit is lengthy and technical work, which I know, you would not like to get into it.

You have an influencer link, click on it and go to his/her profile on that platform. let’s say Facebook.

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