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How to Post on Instagram from PC using Creator Studio

Learn the best way to post on Instagram from PC or a single platform using Creator Studio

Its 2020 and people including marketers, bloggers and influencers are still using outdated methods to post on Facebook and Instagram. Its strange to see very few have discovered this new tool which is launched by Facebook itself, and that is the almighty Creator Studio.

Many of them are still using Paid 3rd party applications, which helps them to post on Facebook and Instagram using a single platform. While some of them are also using the “prehistoric” inspect-element technique to post on Instagram from a PC.

To all of those users, who are still managing to post on Instagram using a PC using these old techniques, well I have a super cool feature for you that you can find in Facebook Creator Studio.

What is Facebook Creator Studio?

Facebook Creator Studio is a single platform that lets creators and publishers manage posts, insights, and messages from all of your Facebook Pages and Instagram Pages in one place.

Where can you Find Facebook Creator Studio?

  1. Go to any of the Facebook Page you are Handling and click on Publishing Tools.
  2. On the left-hand side column, click on Creator Studio
  3. And the Facebook Creator Studio is here!
  4. Or you can open Creator studio from here.

How to Post on Instagram from PC using Creator Studio

1. Open Creator Studio.

2. Tap on the Instagram icon at the top-center of the menu.


3. Click on Create Post

4. Choose the Instagram page on which you need to post (in case if you have multiple Instagram pages)

5. Then you can upload your content, images, tags, hashtags and can also use other features of Instagram using this great feature of Facebook trick from PC.

Similarly, you can also post on Facebook using this Creator studio.

  1. Open Creator Studio
  2. Tap on the Facebook icon at the top-center of the menu.
  3. Click on the “+” at the bottom-right corner.
  4. Choose the type of post i.e – Create Post, Upload Video, Multiple Videos, Go Live or Post Video Across Pages.
  5. Upload your content and post it.


Why to use Facebook Creator Studio?

  1. It offers a lot more features than any other platform
  2. You can schedule your Instagram posts
  3. You can schedule your Facebook posts as well
  4. It’s easy to access the content library of both Instagram and Facebook posts
  5. It allows to manage and post on Instagram using PC


So using this best feature of Facebook Creator studio, you can now post on Instagram and Facebook from your laptop, computer or any other device. So forget that inspect element feature and start using the master of all tools- the Facebook Creator Studio.


  1. Game Transfers Game Transfers May 17, 2023

    I read this blog and this is so useful information for me thank you.

  2. màn hình led màn hình led September 8, 2023

    This article highlights the efficient method of using Creator Studio to post on Instagram from a PC, a valuable resource for marketers and influencers in 2020.

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