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Rocking it on Facebook

It seems like social media is everywhere, and every marketer is clamoring
to get in the game. And it’s no surprise why: the time most global consumers
spend on social media has grown over 250% in just the past two years.
Therefore it is becoming more and more evident that companies must
engage with individuals on these multiple channels. The difficulty now is that
one company may have to maintain and engage its audience on three, four,
five, or even more social networks at once. This can be a daunting task if you
aren’t a so-called social media expert.
But that doesn’t mean you simply ignore social media. According to Gartner,
the forecast for global social media revenue will be 29 billion by 2015. Clearly
there’s value to being present, and effectively using, these platforms.
At HubSpot, we are huge fans of taking inspiration from companies we think
are killing it online. To help inspire your creative juices, here is our collection
of 101 companies rocking it on social media. We hope you can pick up a
lesson or two from each company to help build your own social strategy.

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