How to Use Digital Automation in Digital Marketing to get better qualified leads

digital automation for qualified leads

There has always been tension between the marketing and sales departments, leading to finger pointing if the revenue targets were
not being met.

Sales would accuse the marketing department of not giving them enough qualified leads. Marketing would tell the sales department that they weren’t good at closing.The old analog systems, some guesswork and good-old intuition made qualification difficult and time-consuming. You often had
to rely on the feedback of sales staff and their assistants.

This blame game has been going on for decades. Digital marketing automation systems can allow you to score the level of nurturing and engagement as they moved through the marketing funnel.

It can look something like this at a simple level.

Step 1:
Low-level engagement is a like, share or even a comment on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Step 2:
A deeper engagement is an email subscriber that downloads that pillar e-book or attends a webinar.

Step 3:
Then the next step may be a phone call from sales. (If you are selling digital products online, then it might be the offer landing page or an educational webinar that is next in the sequence with a call to action.)

Step 4:
A face-to-face meeting can be locked in with the prospect.

Step 5:
The sale! The digital automation software adds intelligence and process to what was largely a manual process that was often based upon guesswork
and intuition

Usage of Digital Automation should increase if agency wants to deliver quality leads. Ima Appweb has been using digital automation to deliver results for a long period now.

Digital Automation helps you bring your cost down and save 100+ hours in each project every month.

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