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During Lockdown, Unlock your Business Potential in Digital


This global outbreak has left businesses around the world counting costs. A new digital marketing strategy can help you get back into the pace.

This pandemic is affecting various marketing trends and buyer’s behavior towards brands due to the quarantine measures.

So it’s time to survive and find loopholes to get back into the market!

How do we make the best of this Lockdown Period using Digital Marketing?

We design, develop and deliver online solutions that grow your business.

We will help your business to survive in this global outbreak with our creative & effective digital spells.

Customer acquisition is going to be the most important factor in this scenario. And we at Ima-Appweb, a team of intuitive gems, have been doing this for a decade - that made us one of the best digital marketing agencies in India.

It’s hard to understand the needs of a customer and analyze their buying behavior, but our expertise makes this task super-easy!

How can we help you to come-back?

  • Your customers are quarantined in a digital world. So it’s time to attract them with great online campaigns.
  • Organic traffic has tripled. So it's the perfect time to revamp your website, optimise your content and make it more SEO friendly to draw more traffic on your website.
  • Wake up the unused potential of your Brand with Facebook & Google Ads.
  • Reach the millions glued to Social Media and target your customers using engaging social media posts.
  • Scale up the digital distribution of your Product.
  • We create a competitive digital marketing strategy for your business.
  • Your existing customers are the most precious. Nourish them with encouraging emails, using creative and powerful Email Marketing Campaigns.

Our Expertise

  1. We boost your online presence.
  2. Design Social media strategies to attract customers.
  3. Bold branding, that connects people to your brand identity
  4. Provide the best user experience to increase customer acquisition.
  5. Cost-Effective Marketing to Acquire Customers
    1. Search Engine Ads
    2. Website Designing & Development
    3. SEO
    4. Social Media Marketing
    5. Content Marketing
    6. Affiliate programs
    7. Press Releases
    8. Influencer Marketing
    9. Videos
    10. Email Marketing
    11. App Marketing
    12. App/Software Development

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