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Sleep Tech in India

Sleep Tech in India also referred as Sleep Technology has been an emerging healthcare technology nowadays worldwide. Many countries like USA, UK, Australia are already ahead of India.

In these countries, Sleep Tech or Sleep Technology has improved a lot, as well as end users have good insight and knowledge about sleep hygiene, Sleep Quota etc.

There is an organization dedicated to Sleep Health named World Sleep Society which organizes World Sleep Day every year in the month of march and april.

One of our Client Sleep Cure Solutions, Aviss Health are the active promoters in India for Sleep Health. Doctors like Dr. JC Suri, Dr, Himanshu Garg, Dr. Prerana Garg are few Sleep medicine experts in India, Who are promoting and educating Indians about Sleep Health, Hygiene, Sleep Medicine and Actively using Technology Related to Sleep Tech.

1. South East Asian Academy of Sleep Medicine (SEAASM)

Is an international society formed in 2013 to cater to the need of developing the field of sleep medicine.

As we all know that sleep disorders is the next looming epidemic in south East Asia, SEAASM gives a platform to sleep physicians and clinicians from different specialities to come together and take forward this cause of promoting, exchanging knowledge and enlightening the medical fraternity and public at large about sleep disorders.

SEAASM, South East Asian Association of Sleep Medicine is a foundation that helps Sleep doctors of India with various knowledgeable sessions and Sleep Tech platform that our agency have created for them.

Sleep Tech in India.

2. Sleep-Apnoea Indian Registry (S-AIR)

S-AIR is a non-interventional sleep apnoea registry. The registry ligates with experts, interested sleep physicians, researchers in sleep medicine etc across the nation to enrol as a site in the registry.

Each site will fill the online questionnaire at the baseline which will capture basic patient information as well as the polysomnography test results. Each sleep raw data will be specifically verified by the central scoring site, Gurgaon.

Appropriate feedback would be provided to the site about the quality of their data. Similarly, an annual follow up will be undertaken after a year for each patient being recruited in the study.

The Indian Sleep Registry,

Sleep Tech in India.

3. Indian Sleep Disorder Association (ISDA)

Estd. 1995, Registered under Societies Registration Act of 1860. The Indian Sleep Disorders Association was founded in the year 1995 as a registered society. It is a body of professional practitioners of Sleep Medicine.

A group of eight founder members from different states of India floated the idea of starting the Society at a National Level. Visit Website

Works done in Sleep Tech & Sleep Technology

Ima Appweb is an end to end Sleep Technology development company in India. Sleep Tech Work that the agency has provided to its award winning clients are as follows.

  1. Sleep Technology Development
  2. Customized Portal Development
  3. Website Design & Development
  4. Branding & Communication.
  5. Digital Marketing
  6. World Sleep Day Participation and Winner

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