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Highly effective digital platform for doctors

Digital platform for doctors: Successful Doctors always have tools with help of which they can grow. We are talking about moving you ahead with a digital platform and helping you become a highly effective and successful Doctor.


Be Ready for a Highly Effective Platform for our Doctors

“docify a digital platform for doctors”

In this process, we are seeking help from doctors in India. Please don’t get this wrong, we are not asking for any donation 🙂
We are planning a platform for doctors.
A Highly Effective Platform for the Doctors.
👉 A platform that thinks about Doctors, Medical Students, Medical Professionals.
👉 The platform that will provide you move towards the digital framework.
So… 👉 Let’s Go a digital platform for doctors…
lets go digital
lets go digital

Digital things at a very low cost, so that you focus on work that you are good at.

  1. Domain name included and free
  2. Web hosting included and free
  3. Beautiful and Professional Website.
  4. The website that utilizes your time, just type content, it will start making pages for you.
  5. A website that is SEO friendly, and you get automatic SEO, no external agency required for SEO
  6. A platform that provides you leads
  7. A platform that provides you with Online Appointment Software, no yearly charges, and hidden cost.
  8. A platform that provides you with hospital management system.
  9. A platform that allows you to directly integrate your bank account with payment gateway, so that you don’t have to run here and there just to get your payment received.
  10. A platform that engages your patient with SMS emails and WhatsApp so you don’t have to do this.
  11. A platform that allows you to do online web-based calls with your patients that pay for your services.
  12. A platform that is so easy to use, even your child can use it.
  13. A platform that enables you to upload your research paper and updates you on any plagiarism.
  14. A platform that pushes your material to the outside world, so that others can see your work.
You might be thinking, What’s new? There are other websites too.

Yes, you got that damn right, but there is a difference between rented home and owned home.

difference between rented home and owned home
difference between rented home and owned home

There is a difference between your own name and some other company name, that is why we said our doctors who want to be successful. and not our platform that will provide certain services to you.

Also comes the deliverables and cost factor. Which you will see in the next paragraph, where we are asking you, to let us know, what do you think should be the price.

Now comes the help part: digital platform for doctors

  1. What do you think, you should be paying monthly for the platform?
  2. If you were developing this platform, What name would you have given?

A highly effective digital platform for our doctors

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