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Brand Marketing and Sales Generation Enablement Solutions

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As more and more companies are looking to outsource their sales and marketing, imaAppweb Solutions is developing a more and more lucrative niche in this industry.

Brand marketing and sales generation are probably the two quintessential aspects of a business defining its very success. But it isn’t necessary that everyone has a speciality in it. Outsourcing with imaAppweb Solutions assures that your business upscales to the next level while you focus on your core specializations. Whether you are launching a new product or venturing into new markets, our aim is to get your figures rolling.

Marketing and Sales Generation

What we do for our clients:

  • Direct Marketing via 3rd party vendors and associates
  • Lead generation
  • Account management
  • New market pricing
  • Pricing optimization
  • New product launch
  • New product pricing
  • Pricing practices assessment
  • Web design and redesign
  • Online/Internet Marketing
  • Customer acquisition & retention
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Sales force assessment
  • Sales management consulting
  • Business strategy development
  • Market research, new and existing
  • Marketing communications management


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